Anchor and Elevate Your Property

Plan for a piering installation in Richmond, KS

Piering is the process of driving steel beams into the ground around your home to hold it upright and steady. A&K Foundation Repair can perform piering installations for times when a traditional slab or basement foundation won't do the job.

Piering is a great choice if:

  • There are a lot of tree roots or boulders on your property
  • The ground is mostly made up of clay
  • Your property might be affected by erosion
  • The home needs to be built on a slope

If any of these factors describe your situation, let us know. We can get started on your piering installation right away. Reach out to us in Richmond, KS now.

Dig out the space for your piering installation

Unlike slab foundations, piering installations don't require as much excavation work. We can get your excavation services done much faster so that we can install your piering system without delay. Want to replace your crumbling foundation with a piering system? We can excavate down to the foundation, install the beams and transfer the house to the new support system.

Request our excavation services today in Richmond, KS.

Discover the benefits of a piering system

Are you worried about the stability of your foundation? A piering system is the way to go. The team at A&K Foundation Repair will walk you through the entire piering installation process, so you know exactly what to expect.

There's no shortage of benefits to having a piering system for your structure in Richmond, KS. You'll appreciate that a piering system...

  • Involves less digging, so your excavation services won't take long
  • Has a low impact on the health of the surrounding soil
  • Prevents flooding issues by elevating your structure off the ground
  • Takes only a week or so to install
  • Costs less to install than an entirely new traditional foundation
You can learn more about our piering and excavation services by calling 785-504-5037 now.